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 About me

As a native of Wyoming, RJ has a deep love of his home state. Born in 1985 in Rock Springs where a passionate journey began, bringing him where he is today. Beginning early in childhood with a cheap point and shoot camera, taking pictures almost constantly, he developed a love of the lens and eventually enrolled into his Jr. High School's photography class. Starting with remedial film shooting and printing skills, he soon honed his talents where later on into high school, he had to work independently from the lack of a photography program. 

From the time where he first picked up his father's digital camera and began taking photos, and attending College, his talents and skills have flourished, capturing the essence of this wild frontier and the wildlife within it. With RJ's talents and help by the renowned Photographer, Paul Ng who was teaching photography on campus, RJ's passion and technical competence has propelled him to the status he enjoys today. Each image below has a common thread, that of Wyomings' wild nature, which is what leads him to call it "PHOTOGRAPHY UNTAMED..." and his audience calls quite simply- exhilarating!

In the high tech digital age today, RJ's passions and technical skills have also followed suit, shooting now with a Canon 5DMkIII.

Email:                  Phone:  307-389-2822

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